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Hexahedron 999®

Benefits of Structured Water and Biophoton Water.  Providing Vortex Revitalized Water at the turn of a tap which is naturally energized water

Good For You

Super Hydration - Super hydration that nourishes your cells. Facilitating better absorption of nutrients  and better elimination of toxins.

Revitalized Water From Your Tap - The water coming from your tap is revitalized as the result of high velocity vortex action.  Transforming stagnant pipe water into water that is Alive.  

Safer Drinking Water - Removes foul taste and odour. Removes chlorine and heavy metals. Removes residual deposits of herbicide, pesticide and pharmaceutical contaminants from the water. Increases negative ions and reduces oxidants through filtration.

Clears the Memory of the Water - The energetic imprints contained in the water are permanently erased. Because the pre-filter has actually physically removed the contaminants they cannot be re-imprinted into the water.

Energizes the Water - Increases the electromagnetic potential of the water through natural charge separation and amplification, Providing more available energy to the cells.

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Family Benefits of Structured Water and Biophoton Water.  Providing Vortex Revitalized Water at the turn of a tap which is naturally energized water.  Reduces chemical use and maintenance of swimming pools.

Good For Your Family

Your Whole Family Will Love It - Creates a velvety soft water texture with a slightly sweet taste making it easier and more pleasant to drink - especially for children.  Even your pets will love it.

Cooking, Baking, and Beverages
Enhances the taste and smell of all food - especially baked goods. Improves the flavour of all beverages - coffee, tea, juice, etc.

Softer Skin - Shinier Hair - When bathing or showering creates softer skin and shinnier more manageable hair - while using less soaps and shampoos

Reduced Mineral Deposits - Good for your appliances, fixtures, and plumbing - reducing replacement costs and maintenance

Reduce Pool Maintenance - Swimming Pools and Spas are easy to maintain without harmful chemicals - NO MORE GREEN POOLS
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Reduce Yard Maintenance - You will have healthier, hardier plants that are more resistant to temperature changes, pests, and disease.  Flowers will bloom faster and stay longer while requiring less watering.

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Environmental Benefits of Structured Water and Biophoton Water.  Providing Vortex Revitalized Water at the turn of a tap which is naturally energized water.  Assists in water conservation - lake regeneration - and soil regeneration

Good For The Planet

Water Conservation - Enhances plant growth and yield while using 
less water for hydration  
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Reduce Chemical Use - Results in a major reduction in the use of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers

Increased Nutritive Value of Food - Increases the nutritive value of all foods with a higher BRIX index resulting in superior tasting produce
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Reduce Food Waste - All foods grown with Hexahedron 999 water have a significantly longer shelf life. 
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Regeneration of Lakes - Used for the regeneration of lakes and ponds - making them clearer and cleaner in a very short time  
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Regeneration of Soil - Planting in a field that was watered with the Hexahedron 999 the previous year shows the same enhanced results even without using the unit the second year.  Indicating a regeneration of the soil.  
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Hexahedron Structured Water is enriched with Biophotons.  This Photonic Water has been Revitalized and Energized by high velocity Double Helix Vortex action.

100% Stainless Steel Construction

Zero External Energy

Zero Movable Parts

Zero Maintenance

Zero Magnets

Zero Noise 

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Hexahedron 999 Super Structured Water assists in restoring all living water systems.  This biophoton enriched alive water supports the cellular communication and regeneration in all living organisms.  The bio-photon water revitalization process is driven by the multiple vortexes generated in the device.  This vortex action also increases the hydrophilic pressure resulting in structured EZ water and activates the resonance frequencies in the water.   #AliveWater  #LivingWater  #ResonanceWater  #RevitalizedWater
The environmental impacts of using Hexahedron Water are significant.  Making just a small change can have a very big impact on water conservation and the reduction of chemical use.  For the children of tomorrow you can become a custodian of today with Hexahedron 999 revitalized vortex water treatment. Let us all respect the Future of Water and the Water of the Future.  Get structured water at the turn of your tap, it  is so EZ.  #HexahedronWater  #999Water  #Hexahedron999Water  #Hexahedron999  #ExcelexWater
Hexahedron 999 Structured Water is created by the hydrophilic principals of ez water and cymatic induction.  This causes the water molecules to organize themselves into hexagonal or honeycomb alignments as the result of charge separation which increases the electromagnetic potential of the water.  #StructuredWater  #SuperStructuredWater  #EnergizedWater  #EZWater

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