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Meet Guy Proulx - Our Water Expert

Mr. Guy Proulx has over twenty-seven years experience in water treatment. He is the author of "Straight Talk About Water" which is presented on this website. One of his most appreciated talents is his ability to explain water and water treatment in a unique simple manner that makes it easy to understand.

Mr. Proulx started his water treatment career in 1991 with Equipment Biolab Quebec Ltee where he worked for 12 years. He designed water treatment systems for laboratories, dialysis, electronics and pharmaceutical applications - specializing in high purity water. He designed PP, PVDF and SS loops for the above applications together with the sanitation and maintenance protocols for each application. He trained and coached engineering, technical and sales staff. During the course of his career, he sold turnkey projects ranging in price from $2,500 to $500,000.

Mr. Proulx's experiential knowledge and water expertise covers the following:
● Reverse Osmosis systems
● Ultra Filtration and Micro Filtration
● Ion Exchange deionization, softening
and dealkalization
● Electro deionization (alkalizers)
● Macro Filtration and U.V.
● Carbon Filtration and all types of filtration
media and their applications
● Piping materials - including Stainless Steel, PP, PVDF and loop design 
● Working understanding of water analysis including: T.O.C., Resistivity, pH, O.R.P and the treatment for all forms of contaminants
● Working understanding of water quality requirements for lab water, dialysis water, U.S.P., W.F.I and electronic grade water,
including recovery processes.

When Mr. Proulx left Biolab in 2003, he became a consultant and technician for a company specializing in boiler and cooling tower water conditioning with a customer base made up of institutional and industrial building owners.

In 2007 Mr. Proulx became a distributor of the Hexahedron 999 Technology. And, after Mr. Excelex passed, he joined Mrs. Excelex in 2009 to assist in the manufacturing and distribution of this Technology. Why did he choose to get involved with this Technology?

“All conventional water treatment is focused on treating the chemistry of what is in the water ... The Hexahedron 999® is the only technology, that I have found, which affects the water itself”

As well as being our Water Expert, Mr. Guy Proulx also has a 10 year background (1979 to 1990) in production management, toolmaking, and fiberglass composite products.  He played an instrumental role in Our Journey - moving us from manual labour to semi-automatic production.

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Our Purpose

We really have only one objective and that is : "To make sure that the Hexahedron 999 Technology remains in service to the human race for 200 years."

HOW ARE WE GOING TO DO THAT? Well it is really as simple as 1 - 2 - 3.

Step 1. Product Quality  Use the highest quality materials available that, hopefully, will stand this test of time. Accordingly, we provide you with 100% Stainless Steel Units with quality craftsmanship. Plastic units may be 90% cheaper to make - BUT we are not interested in making a quick buck or huge profits on a disposable product. We are interested in providing you, your family and the planet with a long-term sustainable product accompanied by real knowledge about water and the service to meet your needs.

Step 2. Business Structure  To set up a business structure that can be passed forward through time with well documented methodology and manufacturing procedures. And to engage in and document as much research as possible so that the Hexahedron 999 Technology becomes an "Industry Standard" in all water treatment applications worldwide.

Step 3. Ask For Your Help  
Pass It Forward - make the Hexahedron 999 a family heirloom and pass the benefits on to your children or grandchildren.
Talk To Us - let us know about your experiences with the Hexahedron 999 Technology. How it affects you, your family, and your environment. Much of our research ideas come from you - the owners and users of the technology.
Talk To Others - let your family and friends know about the technology - pass it along through your social networks so that more people can benefit from this water.
Follow Us on Facebook - and encourage others to do so also. In the end, you are the most important factor in achieving our 200 year goal.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Can we really keep this product on the planet for 200 years. Well, we are already almost 10% there. We currently have Hexahedron 999 Units that have been in service for almost 20 years. Can you think of a better investment - try running a car for 20 years.

"Water may be our business - but You, Your Family, and the Planet are the Driving Force of our Heart.".

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Who We Are

Hexa Photon Inc. is the licensed manufacturer of the Hexahedron 999 Technology.  The Corporation was established in 2014 in order to implement Step 2 of Our Purpose.  


Our First Challenge after Mr. Excelex passed in 2009 was simply "do we continue to produce this product?".  Mrs. Excelex decided that she would not make any rash or firm decision for one year.  This was an immense internal battle - the mind said "No – it is too much effort - I want to quit" and the Heart said "Yes - continue, you are not done yet". Needless to say, the Heart won that battle.

Our Second Challenge, after deciding to continue, was to "find an easier way to do the fabrication". Up to this point all of the internal blades of the units were bent by hand. Literally, we would bend the blades until we had blisters on our fingers - and then we would have to wait 2 or 3 days for our fingers to heal before we did more.

Solution : We designed presses for bending the blades and got our friends at Usinage D.C. to make the presses for us.

Our Third Challenge was "how do we increase our production capacity".  In 2010 we were approached by a consortium of investors who wanted to purchase units by container loads. Since all of our units were hand crafted, this was not even imaginable to us - so we turned them down. However, the idea was planted, and we set out to solve this problem - "what do we need to do to be able to make 1000 units per month".

Solution:  First step was to redesign the presses to make them semi-automatic. Second step was to set up a jig system for each unit in order to handle dozens of units at a time. Third step was to consult with our friends at Solution Inox Inc. to establish protocols that would accelerate and perfect the welding procedures. Fourth step was to adapt the outer finishing of the units into a one step process instead of a three step process – which ultimately, after trying many different production methods,  resulted in completely submersible and later autoclavable units.  We have never had a demand for 1000 units per month, but we are fully prepared for that eventuality.  

Our Fourth Challenge was "availability and supply of parts".  Now that our production capacity was up we needed to secure the supply of parts. Our supplier for stainless steel parts was a U.S. based North American importer. Naively, we called them up and asked for 5000 pieces of one particular fitting. They searched their entire North American distribution system and could only come up with a fraction of what we needed. We were told that to get the quantities we needed would required a special manufacture’s run for each part. That translated into putting up hundreds of thousands of dollars and waiting 6 to 8 MONTHS for delivery. This was not a secure nor stable supply source - so now what do we do? 

Solution: We will make our own parts. So we designed the fittings in Autocad and started shopping around for CNC fabricators who could produce what we needed at a reasonable price. We finally found our friends at APF Villeneuve Inc. and we now have a three week turn around for any part we need in any quantity of runs. Problem solved.

Our Fifth Challenge was and is “marketing”.  With our focus being on manufacturing for several years, we had lost sight of what was happening in the market. Many competitive products had been introduced which were making similar claims to ours. Amazing, what can happen in a couple of years.  Most competitive water treatment products were being marketed by fear, emotion, and sometimes by very inaccurate facts or misunderstandings. These were very effective marketing plan – but we did not want to go there.  We believe in empowering people to make their own educated choices. To follow their heart not their fear.  So now what do we do?

Solution:  Allow, Wait, and Educate.  Education does not always conquer fear nor does it necessarily translate into sales – but this approach was a service we decided to offer. So a good part of our time is spent on education : about water, water filtration, water regulations, water quality, existing and competing technologies.  We will only recommend what you need. If you need a water treatment system that we cannot provide we will tell you so – and, if we can, we will happily provide you with the guidance to find what you need.

Our Sixth Challenge was and is “understanding our product”.  Remember, the product was RECEIVED.  It was not created from a predetermined set of specifications designed to create a specific result.  Although we understood some of the internal functions of this technology, we did not always have the proper words to convey our understanding.  In order to do so – science needed to catch up.

Solution:  Science has caught up a lot over the last 5 years.  The most significant publication for us was “The Fourth Phase of Water” by Prof. Gerald Pollock.  This book helped us to understand how many of the component parts of the Hexahedron 999 Technology interacted together and with the water.  The most interesting one being the importance of hydrophilic surfaces (stainless steel) in the creation of structured water (EZ water).  Accordingly, we are now able to offer a more in-depth description About The Technology and how it works based on our current understanding today.  We will update this description as we refine our understanding.

Our Seventh Challenge remains forever active.   It Is Our Purpose - It Is Our Objective - It Is Our Heart.  "To make sure that the Hexahedron 999 Technology remains in service to the human race for 200 years." 

The Hexahedron 999® Technology contains over 200 individual © copyrighted materials
Although some of the basic mechanical functions may have been replicated
Hexahedron 999® Structured Water Can Never Be Duplicated


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