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Garden Unit

Hexahedron 999 Vortex Revitalized - Biophoton Structured Water 


Good For You
For Every Homeowner Who Loves To Garden - Vegetables, Flowers, Plants and Trees:  
• Flowers bloom faster, more vibrant and stay longer 
• Fruits and vegetables reach maturity faster
• Everything TASTES BETTER due to their higher BRIX
   content (nutritive value) 
• Plants hydrate better thus reducing water consumption 
• Fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides may be
   substantially reduced or eliminated 
• Most growers notice a reduction in harmful insects 
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    $495.00 CAD                                                 More Benefits

Hexahedron Structured Water is enriched with Biophotons.  This Photonic Water has been Revitalized and Energized by high velocity Double Helix Vortex action.  EZ installment plans are available for this garden unit.

Hexahedron 999® -  Garden Unit


Connection NPT : 1/2 inch
Diameter : 1.25" (3.2 cm)
Length : 4.25" (10.795 cm)
Weight : 0.86 lbs (0.39 Kilo)
Capacity L/hr : 760
US/GPM : 3.3
Construction:  Stainless Steel 304/304L and/or

Shipping Weight : Approx 1 Kilo (2.2 lbs)  - including packaging

Warranty : 5-Year Limited Warranty

All Component Parts are NSF Compliant

This high velocity vortex action and photogenesis creates regeneroactive bio-photons for the regeneration of all lifeforms.  Hexahedron 999 Biophoton Water is super structured in hexagonal layers creating natural exclusion zones (ez water).  Get you hexahedron garden unit today and watch your plants flourish.

Hexahedron 999® - Garden Unit 


This small Mini-Hexahedron 999 Unit is adaptable for use on a garden hose or for hydroponic installation in a greenhouse.

For Garden Hose Installation: simply attach the male and female hose adaptors (included with unit) to each end of the unit and install it at the discharge end of your garden hose or sprinkler.

For Hydroponics Installation: this Mini-Hexahedron 999 Unit is adaptable from a female-female connection to a male-female connection for ease of use. To be installed as close as possible to the point of use.

Maximum pressure 100 psi.

Keep at least 3 feet away from EMF (electrical equipment, motors, etc.).

In just a few minutes you will have Revitalized Vortex Water at the Turn of Your Tap.  With all the benefits of Regenero-active Biophoton Water, High Frequency Resonance Water, and Energized Structured Water,  All Three in One - providing Super Hydration -  TO ENHANCE YOUR PLANT GROWTH AND VITALITY.  

Hexahedron 999 Super Structured Water assists in restoring all living water systems.  This biophoton enriched alive water supports the cellular communication and regeneration in all living organisms.  The bio-photon water revitalization process is driven by the multiple vortexes generated in the device.  This vortex action also increases the hydrophilic pressure resulting in structured EZ water and activates the resonance frequencies in the water.   #AliveWater  #LivingWater  #ResonanceWater  #RevitalizedWater
The environmental impacts of using Hexahedron Water are significant.  Making just a small change can have a very big impact on water conservation and the reduction of chemical use.  For the children of tomorrow you can become a custodian of today with Hexahedron 999 revitalized vortex water treatment. Let us all respect the Future of Water and the Water of the Future.  Get structured water at the turn of your tap, it  is so EZ.  #HexahedronWater  #999Water  #Hexahedron999Water  #Hexahedron999  #ExcelexWater
Hexahedron 999 Structured Water is created by the hydrophilic principals of ez water and cymatic induction.  This causes the water molecules to organize themselves into hexagonal or honeycomb alignments as the result of charge separation which increases the electromagnetic potential of the water.  #StructuredWater  #SuperStructuredWater  #EnergizedWater  #EZWater

Licensed Manufacturer:
P.O. Box 4241 
Ste-Beatrix, Quebec


Toll :   877-450-1925 
Tel :    450-759-0715
Fax :  450-883-6220
Email: info@hexahedron999.ca