Vortex Structured Water Benefits 

Hexahedron 999® Vortex Water Technology

Good For You - Good For Your Family - Good For The Planet

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One of the most important benefits of Hexahedron 999 Water is its effect on the health and well being of all biological life-forms.

Increase Your Water Intake
Hexahedron 999 Water has a slightly sweet taste making it more pleasant to drink. The velvety soft water texture makes it easier to swallow. This improvement in the taste and feel of the water makes drinking water a more pleasant experience. Even your children will enjoy drinking Hexahedron 999 Water.

Improved Absorption and Hydration
Hexahedron 999 Water is instantly absorbed by your body. Just take a small sip of the water – hold it in your mouth – and observe how much of it is absorbed by the tongue without swallowing. This absorption capacity allows more comfortable water consumption, without the heavy effect in your stomach, resulting in better cellular hydration. Dehydration is a contributing factor to many of our health challenges of today.

Improved Cellular Functions
Hexahedron 999 Water is highly structured water which increases the capillarity of the water. This facilitates better absorption of nutrients by the cells and better excretion of toxins from them. This enhanced delivery system improves the effect of all that you consume, whether it be food or supplements. Thus carrying more energy to the cells, feeding them with light and life-force energy.  

Living Room:  Household benefits of using vortex structured water


The Hexahedron 999 will have a positive impact wherever you use water and however you use water in your home. The difference will be so noticeable that you will not leave home without it.

Food Preparation
Washing your produce with Hexahedron 999 Water helps your food stay fresher for a longer period of time. The Hexahedron 999 has been used in grocery stores for this purpose by misting the produce aisle.

Taste of Food
Everything tastes better when it is made with Hexahedron 999 Structured Water. Use it for your cooking water and to make coffee, tea, or juice. Even your baked goods have an enhanced taste, texture and smell. The Hexahedron 999 is used in many bakeries as their “secret ingredient”. 

Reduced Mineral Deposits
Mineral deposits are usually caused by Calcium Carbonate in its calcite form which is very hard and encrusting. With the Hexahedron 999 the calcium carbonate is transformed into its aragonite form which is soft. This aragonite form being soft, simply washes itself out leaving less mineral deposits. Good for your appliances, fixtures, and plumbing.
• In the Dishwasher : The natural softness of Hexahedron 999 Water helps to prevent water spots on your glassware - resulting in cleaner, shiner dishes.
• In the Laundry : Clothes clean more efficiently and are softer to the touch 

Shower and Bath
Less soap and shampoo is required when using Hexahedron 999 Water. Leaves skin feeling softer and cleaner without a soapy residue. Hair becomes softer, silkier and more manageable. Your guests will notice such a difference in their hair and skin they will be asking for your “Secret Ingredient”.

Children in Swimming Pool:  Environmental benefits of vortex structured water


The Hexahedron 999 will have a positive impact wherever you use water and however you use water in your yard - enhancing your enjoyment of your outdoor environment.

Pools and Spas
The Hexahedron 999 controls algae in Pools and Spas resulting in less overall maintenance.  Eliminate the use of clarifiers and algaecides and reduce the use of chlorine.

Flowers bloom faster with larger blossoms and more vibrant color. Cut flowers have a longer lifespan.  Reducing your use of fertilizers. 

Lawns are greener and more lush with stronger rooting systems. Less pesticides and fertilizers are required to maintain it.

Garden Produce
Garden Produce has a higher nutritive content (BRIX). Resulting in better tasting produce and a longer shelf life. Reducing your use of plant food and fertilizers.

Less damaging insects are present when using Hexahedron 999 Water in your garden – reducing or eliminating the need for pesticides.

HYDRATION is a Key Factor to Health 

Hexahedron 999® Vortex Structured Water

Is a Key Factor to SUPER HYDRATION


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Small Change with a Big Environmental Impact using Hexahedron 999

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