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Benefits of Vortex Structured Water 
Regeneration of Lakes & Ponds

Using Hexahedron 999® Vortex Water Technology 

The following photos were taken at a test site in France.  This small lake was being used as a water source by an agricultural producer. The water had become stagnant with no wild life (birds, etc.) present and he was concerned about the resulting effect on his plants.  
Photo of Contaminated Lake - Before using Hexahedron 999 Vortex Structured Water Unit

Image 1 - BEFORE
Photo taken on June 5, 2012
Shows the condition of the water before installing the Hexahedron 999 Unit 

Photo of a Clear Lake - After Using Hexahedron 999 Vortex Water Technology

Image 2  - AFTER
Photo taken on August 16, 2012.  After recirculating the lake water through a
Hexahedron 999 Unit for three months.  You can now see the bottom of the lake
These test results have been duplicated in many different locations  (see testimonies below)

With the added benefit :




  • Yves M. - Quebec, CANADA   “As soon as the ice melted we installed another Hexahedron 999 Mega 2.5 for the pond which has a surface of 80 feet x 220 feet. Over the years the water became brownish with lots of algae. After only one week in recirculating the water 24 hours a day through the Hexahedron 999 … the water became much clearer. Now we can see the bottom of the pond ... so we plan to introduce fish once again. In the summer we use this water from the pond to water trees and gardens so we are conscious that this installation contributes to improving our quality of life and that of nature.” 
  • Ste-Julie, Quebec, CANADA     “I have a trout farm consisting of 4 small lakes that flow into each other. After installing a Mega 2.5 Hexahedron 999 Unit, without any other filtering system, - it took only 15 days and I can now see the trout in the lakes.”  
  • Peter W. - Ontario, CANADA   “Since purchasing the Hexahedron 999 the most visible things that we have noticed is the water clarity in the fish pond. We’ve had this pond for three years and it’s always been a problem keeping the water clean, but, finally I think we have something that cleans the water.”
Blue Line - Hexahedron 999 Vortex Revitalized Structured Water
Small Change with a Big Environmental Impact using Hexahedron 999 Vortex Structured Water Units. Respecting the Future of Water.
Hexahedron 999 Vortex Structured Water Units :  Providing Photonic Water – Revitalized Water – Energized Water

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