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Benefits of Vortex Structured Water 
Soil Regeneration

Using Hexahedron 999® Vortex Water Technology 

We received reports from producers who had used the Hexahedron 999 Unit in a TEST SITE and then removed it at the end of the year. The crop planted the following year in the same area continued to demonstrate enhanced growth even though the Hexahedron 999 Unit was no longer installed.

Photo of Regeneration of Soil after using Hexahedron 999 Vortex Structured Water Unit

Example : Image 1
Soya Field planted on soil that had been watered with a
Hexahedron 999 Unit the previous year

Comparative photo of soil without using Hexahedron 999 Vortex Water Technology

Example : Image 2
Adjacent Soya Field planted where the Hexahedron 999 water was not used the previous year.

Similar results were reported by growers who participated in the IQDHO Research Project

With the added benefit :




"After setting up a community funded garden we were faced with many set backs. A high alkaline soil seemed to make unhealthy garden. After reading and seeing Hexahedron 999 information and the Aquakaline 777 Plant Food we under took a small experiment using Calinda plants.

Starting out with the three plants that were not likely to survive another 24 hours, (the leaves were yellow and the plant was leaning over at the top) the plants were fed the Hexahedron 999 restructured water to see the results. In the next 48 hours the plants fully returned to life with new green leaves as well. We then purchased the units and plant food to support the Community Gardens.

Since then when an unexpected frost came overnight, we arrived the next morning to find the Tomato Plants were devastated. Lost, I thought it was the end of the Tomatoes. We tried feeding these tomatoes when their leaves were wilted and yellow, the Aquakaline 777 plant food. Amazingly the tomatoes were green and alive the very next day. My thanks and appreciation for a successful garden."

Donna Geddes,
Master Garden Head Co-Ordinator,
Car Cross Community Gardens
Yukon Territory, Canada 

Blue Line - Hexahedron 999 Vortex Revitalized Structured Water
Small Change with a Big Environmental Impact using Hexahedron 999 Vortex Structured Water Units. Respecting the Future of Water.
Hexahedron 999 Vortex Structured Water Units :  Providing Photonic Water – Revitalized Water – Energized Water

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