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The goal set by the distributor who commissioned the IQDHO Report was to determine - if in fact the information that we had gathered from the testimonials of our clients, could be confirmed in a scientifically controlled field study. IQDHO is  an organization certified by the Quebec Government for the research and development of Ornamental Horticulture.
The IQDHO Report concluded that the Hexahedron 999® produced unequivocal and definitive positive results.

 *Quebec Institute for the Development of Ornamental Horticulture
In Summary :
Five Québec greenhouse enterprises have tested the Hexahedron 999 structuring device under normal production conditions in the Spring of 2008. These exploration trials were combined to test the effect of the Hexahedron 999 on multiple species of plants under different production regiments. Watering was done by either spring water or conventional city water depending on the supply available. The use of the Hexahedron 999 on Geranium seedlings, Hygrophila Polysperma and Marigold produced superior quality product than the conventional watering systems. 


The Geranium seedlings grown in 4 inch pots were larger, the leaves were greener and they were ready one week earlier than the plants watered with well water only. The Geranium watered with Hexahédron 999®, bloomed one week ahead of the control plants which had been watered solely with well water.


Left - Using tap water                   Right - Using Hexahedron 999 water 

                                                Geranium Plants

Hygrophila Polysperma

The naked root Hygrophila Polysperma plants grown on flood tables produced significantly more dried weight when using the Hexahedron 999®. The growth gain represented a 2 week earlier maturity, compared to their typical production calendar which lasts 10 weeks in all.


Left - Using Hexahedron 999                          Right - Using tap water

                                   Hygrophila Polysperma Plants


The floral buds observed on Marigold plants grown on trays, were larger and bloomed earlier when using the Hexahedron 999®, and the plants  were slightly taller at the time of sale. The plants also became larger when watered with Hexahedron 999®.


Left - Using Hexahedron 999 Water                   Right - Using tap water

                                                             Marigold Plants

One business saved time on stripping off the leaves of Geranium plants, on  which we observed 50% fewer leaves that needed stripping when using the  Hexahedron 999®.

Read the complete IQDHO Report in PDF format

Hexahedron 999 Super Structured Water assists in restoring all living water systems.  This biophoton enriched alive water supports the cellular communication and regeneration in all living organisms.  The bio-photon water revitalization process is driven by the multiple vortexes generated in the device.  This vortex action also increases the hydrophilic pressure resulting in structured EZ water and activates the resonance frequencies in the water.   #AliveWater  #LivingWater  #ResonanceWater  #RevitalizedWater
The environmental impacts of using Hexahedron Water are significant.  Making just a small change can have a very big impact on water conservation and the reduction of chemical use.  For the children of tomorrow you can become a custodian of today with Hexahedron 999 revitalized vortex water treatment. Let us all respect the Future of Water and the Water of the Future.  Get structured water at the turn of your tap, it  is so EZ.  #HexahedronWater  #999Water  #Hexahedron999Water  #Hexahedron999  #ExcelexWater
Hexahedron 999 Structured Water is created by the hydrophilic principals of ez water and cymatic induction.  This causes the water molecules to organize themselves into hexagonal or honeycomb alignments as the result of charge separation which increases the electromagnetic potential of the water.  #StructuredWater  #SuperStructuredWater  #EnergizedWater  #EZWater

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