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Benefits of Vortex Structured Water
Increased Nutritive  Value of Food 

Using Hexahedron 999® Vortex Water Technology 

BRIX is the measurement of the percentage of solids present in the juice of a plant which is mainly made up of sugars and minerals.   The reading is taken with an instrument called a Refractometer - which may be either manual or digital in nature.  Simply speaking, the refractometer compares the density of the juice extracted from a sample of produce to that of pure water which has a Brix of 0 (zero).  
The higher the Brix Level the better the quality of the
produce which is more nutritionally dense with
natural sugars, minerals and vitamins
Blue Line – Hexahedron 999 Biophoton Water

Example : Strawberry Fields

25% Increase in BRIX Index

10% increase in yield by weight

Research on Strawberry plants using Hexahedron 999 Biophoton Structured Water

Research on Corn Silage using Hexahedron 999 Vortex Water Technology

Blue Line – Hexahedron 999 Vortex Energized Water

Example : Corn Silage

25% Increase in BRIX Index

8% increase in tonnage

Corn Silage Research Results - Bell, Florida

Four Mini-Hexahedron 999 units were installed side by side towards the outer end of the center pivot irrigation - and the Test Crop field of corn was watered. 

Just before harvest, six rows were cut, each 13 feet wide, from both the Test Crop and the Control Crop.    The Brix reading at  the mid-leaf  point was 20% higher on the Test Crop.  The Brix reading for the kernel  was 25% higher on the Test Crop.  

In addition there was an 8% increase in tonnage in the Test Crop over the Control Crop.  The samples from the Test Crop (Hexahedron 999 ) and the Control Crop were sent to a lab, which found that the Test Crop was substantially higher in “relative feed value”.  This increase in relative feed value is worth $78.64 more per acre.  This, together with the increase in yield, figured out to around $150 more value per acre using the Hexahedron 999 Biophoton Structured Water.

Strawberry Field Research Results - Peachtree City, Georgia
Test results on strawberry fields using the Hexahedron 999 Biophoton Structured Water  - also showed a 25% increase in Brix over the Control Group.  In addition, there was a 10% increase in yield by weight.

With the added benefit:


And a Longer Shelf Life

A healthier plant is not as likely   
to be attacked by insects or disease

  • Peter W. Ontario, CANADA   "Spraying the vegetable garden with restructured water stimulated growth and vigor, insect damage has been less obvious."
  • Gaëtan B. Québec, CANADA   "Come mid-July in the greenhouse without the Hexahedron the plants were full of insects and disease so I took everything out. But the greenhouse with the Hexahedron the plants were healthy, insect free, and very productive."
  • Wolfram B. British Columbia, CANADA   "Our vegetable garden has shown an increased yield and healthier, better tasting produce. In preceding years, we often had a problem with aphids ... particularly in the lettuce, but this year we had none."
Blue Line - Hexahedron 999 Vortex Revitalized Structured Water
Small Change with a Big Environmental Impact using Hexahedron 999 Vortex Structured Water Units. Respecting the Future of Water.
Hexahedron 999 Vortex Structured Water Units :  Providing Photonic Water – Revitalized Water – Energized Water

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