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The Eight Steps
In A Single Biophoton

Proprietary Research conducted and claimed by E. Excelex - All Rights Reserved

We are all familiar with photons, this vital light energy from the sun, which brings forth life ... and whereby the photo reactive enzymes in plants transforms this photon light into chlorophyll. So this photon energy is one source of life feeding plants and all life forms.  Whatever food or beverage we ingest … what our bodies are mainly looking for, is the quality and the concentration of biophotons that is present (or not) in all food products.

The term bio-photon comes from :
Bio = biologic and Photon = light energy
Or, in other words, biological light.

In February 2006, using a Somatoscope, which is a darkfield microscope with a magnification of 30,000 times, (complimentary of C.E.R.B.E. inc.) for the first time we were able to observe the inside structure of biophotons in various drops of water and also in garden produce. What we discovered, when adjusting the focus on a single bio-photon, was that the center of this spark of light contained a six-pointed star within a hexagonal geometry ... that changed from black to white, to black to white, and then to a star within a star … see the 8 Steps Within a Single Biophoton below.

We all know that many religions today view the Six-Pointed Star (Star of David) as a sacred symbol. Perhaps what has been lost from consciousness is the reason why. For it now appears that the Six-Pointed Star is the actual geometric “Lines of Form” which generates light ... and, thus, is the very “Essence of Life”.

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Article 1

The following twelve (12) articles presents the original research conducted by Mr. and Mrs. Excelex in 2006 with the aid of a Somatoscope

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