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A water molecule consist of two hydrogen atoms “H2” joined with one oxygen atom “O” to form H2O.  However, water is not simply a bunch of H2O molecules floating in a glass independent on one another.  Just like society forms itself into family structures, business structures, national structures, and global structures … water molecules must also join together to form an identifiable structure.

Water molecules join together through the process of hydrogen bonding. The positively charged Hydrogen is attracted to the negatively-charged Oxygen.
Image of Hydrogen Bonding in Revitalized Structured Water

The Positively charged Hydrogen
is attracted to the negatively-charged Oxygen 

This attraction causes the water molecules to form into groups … the most stable and life-giving being six (6) water molecules joined in a hexagonal ring. This forms the EXTERNAL STRUCTURE of water molecules.

Image of Hexagonal  Bonding in Vortex Revitalized Structured Water

The stronger the hydrogen bonds between the molecules … the more structured the water will be … and the higher the surface tension.  All three are directly interrelated.  Contrarily, when the hydrogen bonding is reduced … the star formation or structure of the water breaks down … causing a lower surface tension.  Thus, the very definition of Structured Water directly implies an increase in surface tension … Learn More  This contradicts some commonly accepted theories about structured water and surface tension.  

As per our research, we have found that there are many levels of structural organization of water.  The more complex the Hexagonal Structure, the higher will be the viscosity and the greater the capillarity effect. For those who are familiar with the work of Dr. Emoto, you can clearly see this illustrated in the different water samples presented in his book, “Messages from Water”, Volume #1.  

A simple structure basically has one or two predominate hexagonal forms in the outer layer of the water molecule.   A simple structure can be seen in glacier water illustrated on pages 57-58 of Dr. Emoto’s book.  

A complex structure displays more multiples and variation of the hexagonal form often forming a star lattice which penetrates deeper into the layers of the water molecule.  To view complex structures see pages 35 and 49 of Dr. Emoto’s book.    

A highly complex structure will display numerous hexagonal and star lattices within star lattices which penetrate to the center of the water molecule creating a mirror-like finish in the center of the drop.   To view a highly complex structure see page 96 (Love/Appreciation) of Dr. Emoto’s book.  
Image of Highly Structured Hydrogen Bonding in Revitalized Water

Thus, the hydrogen bonding is accomplished through numerous layers of the water molecules … each layer increases the complexity of the structure and also increases the capillarity effect.   (Note: see link below)

The capillarity effect is of vital importance for all living organisms. Capillarity simply means the upward flow of liquid through a small tube defying the force of gravity.  In other words, it is the ability of plants to draw water through their roots and tendrils … and for liquid to move through all of the interstitial spaces of the human or animal body.  Thus, the more complex the level of hexagonal structural organization the greater will be the capillarity effect.  And a stronger and more efficient capillarity provides better hydration and feeding of the nutrients.

NOTE: Since this article was written in 2006 there has been substantial research done on structured water.   In 2013 Gerald H. Pollack published his book "The Fourth Phase of Water" which he calls EZ Water.  This book is a must read for anyone interested in structured water.   See Videos.   The INTRO video shows the layering (mentioned above) of Structured Water at about 19:00

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