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The Three Types of Water

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We categorize the levels of structural organization in water to be … Regeneroactive, Generoactive or Degeneroactive.  Each of these categories has its own specific qualities and sophistication in its crystalline network.  Each has a specific General Vitality and White Light Potential range … with its resulting Biophoton Emission levels.  

1.  Regeneroactive Water
Regeneroactive waters have a highly complex hexagonal geometry, the highest crystalline network complexity and a high level of Biophoton activity.  Its center (of the drop) is like a mirror or near perfect.  Regeneroactive Water assists in the regeneration of life.  

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Hexahedron 999 Biophoton Water is super structured in hexagonal layers. Through high velocity vortex action and photogenesis this water is rich in regeneroactive biophotons.

Masaru Emoto Messages from Water Volume1  Love-Appreciation page96

Highly Complex Structured Water: Regeneroactive Biophoton Excelex Somatoscope Image

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Highly Complex Structure
Left - “Love/Appreciation” page 96 Dr. Emoto’s book

2.  Generoactive Waters

Generoactive Water is water that has a simpler hexagonal structure and crystalline network arrangement ... with a good level of Biophoton activity. The center of the drop  has a disc that has some design within … not fully homogeneous or not a perfect mirror-like center.  The hexagonal geometry is less complex than the Regeneroactive water.  Generoactive Water assists in the sustaining of life.

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Hexahedron Structured Water is enriched with Biophotons. This Photonic Water has been Revitalized and Energized by high velocity Double Helix Vortex action.

Masaru Emoto Messages from Water Volume1 Glacier Water page57

Simple Structured Water: Generoactive Biophoton Excelex Somatoscope Image

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Simple Structure
Left - “Glacier Water” page 57 Dr. Emoto’s book
NOTE:  That the above biophoton image was selected as a comparative photo only to demonstrate a simple structure ... Generoactive biophotons are smaller in size than Regeneroactive ... but also go through the 8 phases of a  biophoton.

3.  Degeneroactive Waters
Degeneroactive water is waters that have been stripped of their basic Life Force and Vitality … have lost their hexagonal geometry and most of their crystalline structural organization. They have little but no Biophoton activity.  Degeneroactive Water assists in the recycling of life.  

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Masaru Emoto Messages from Water Volume1 Distilled Water page111
Zero Structured Water: Degeneroactive Biophotons Excelex Somatoscope Image
Blue Line Small – The Three Types of Water 3. Degeneroactive
ZERO Structure
Left - “Distilled Water” page 111 Dr. Emoto’s book
Drinking such water can only deplete the body of its Life Force Energy and bring the body cells into a faster Degeneroactive mode as it is for all living organisms. 

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The following twelve (12) articles presents the original research conducted by Mr. and Mrs. Excelex in 2006 with the aid of a Somatoscope

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