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We had the opportunity in the Fall of 2006 to do a comparative analysis between Structured Tomatoes and Structured Cucumbers versus a store-bought tomato and cucumber.  The structured tomato and cucumber were grown using the Hexahedron 999® Vortex Revitalisation Units - producing Biophoton Water - Resonance Water - Structured Water.

For the tomato samples, using 20 minutes of video from each sample, in slow motion, we took a still photo each time the visual video frame changed ... and then we counted the number of six-pointed stars (generoactive and regeneroactive) that appeared in each frame.

For the store-bought tomato sample ... there were 66 biophoton six-pointed stars in 39 frames. This represents approximately 10% of the total frames in which the six-pointed star was visible.  
For the Hexahedron 999 Structured Tomato Sample ... there were 245 biophoton six-pointed stars in 133 frames.  This represents approximately 48% of the total frames in which the six-pointed star was visible (almost 5 times greater than the store-bought sample).

Please note that we did not count individual biophotons of which there are literally thousands in both samples ... but only counted the evident six-pointed star formations, which is obviously also subject to the manner in which the Somatoscope was operated.

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Hexahedron 999 Biophoton Water is super structured in hexagonal layers. Through high velocity vortex action and photogenesis this water is rich in regeneroactive biophotons.

Generoactive Biophotons in a store-bought tomatoe

Image : BSF-1  
Store-Bought Tomato.  
This was the one and only best shot - showing three (3) Generoactive Biophotons

Regeneroactive Biophotons in a Structured Tomato grown with Revitalized Water

Image : BSF-2  
Hexahedron 999® Tomato
This was one of many best shots available - showing six (6) Regeneroactive Biophotons  

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Note in the above photos - the difference in size between
Generoactive and Regeneroactive Biophotons

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The following twelve (12) articles presents the original research conducted by Mr. and Mrs. Excelex in 2006 with the aid of a Somatoscope

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